Quadralite X S is a useful tool which may be used as a remote trigger and a controller for the following flashes: Atlas 600, Atlas 600 TTL, Reporter 360 TTL N, Reporter 360 TTL C, and Stroboss 60 S. The device allows for multi-channel operation, ensures stable signal, high responsiveness and full control over the flashes. The camera release function can be used for all Sony cameras equipped with a standard Multi Interface hot-shoe and a PC synchro connection.


Quadralite Navigator X S synchronizes flashes with short exposure times and is compatible with the ADI standard. The maximum synchro speed is 1/8000 s.


  • Compatible with Sony ADI – allows for automatic shooting or gives full manual control over: the flash power adjustment, synchro with high shutter speeds (up to 1/8000 s), flash exposure compensation etc.
  • Radio transmission (2.4 GHz) – ensures stable operation over long distances, both in a studio and in the open fields.
  • 32 communication channels and 5 groups – fast configuration and control over many flashes and their groups.
  • Multi-functionality – may be used as a controller for reporter speedlites, studio flashes, or as a remote camera release.



Quadralite Navigator X S – Sony Transmitter

Product type

Wireless control and triggering system for Quadralite flashes, speedlites and cameras.

Compatible with

Sony ADI (Multi-interface hot-shoe)

Can be used with

Quadralite Stroboss 60 S, Atlas 600, Atlas 600 TTL, Reporter 360 TTL C, Reporter 360 TTL N



Wireless modes

1/8000 s



Transceiver input

2 x AA


2.4 GHz

Transceiver dimensions

72x75x52 mm

Transceiver weight (with batteries)

100 g


For information about Quadralite warranty and service please visit: Warranty.


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